Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by to check us out. Our Story page covers a lot about why we started this company so I won't go into that too much.

From a young age, I was taught to work as hard as I can at everything I do no matter what. I grew up in Haughville which is a pretty rough area just West of Downtown Indianapolis. I was raised by two of the most amazing, loving people in the world, my grandparents, whom I called mamaw and dad! My real parents are drunks and drug addicts. Right from the start I wasn't supposed to do anything with my life but be another statistic, which I was quickly proving right the older I got. Luckily, the good Lord had other plans.

At the age of 15, after some crazy things happened in my life, a family adopted me, (Side note: They adopted my blood sister 9 years earlier. So I knew them, just didn't know it would go down the way it did) ,and got me out of the city to Freetown, IN. A tiny farming community just West of Seymour and Brownstown.  After a few more crazy things happening, my life began to turn around for the better. I traveled the world to Europe and Africa. I went to college and on to bigger and better things, did things I never dreamed possible and came back. Little did I know that a previous college/camp friendship would turn my life upside down. Jess and I rekindled a friendship after 5 years which lead us to dating, getting engaged, and married all in the same year. 7 years later we have two beautiful daughters Addilee 5, and  Paisley, 2, and I could not be happier that she decided to add me back on Facebook after I deleted her. Ha! Ha! (Ask her about that story sometime. Total God thing)

When I'm not doing things for Rugged I enjoy camping, hiking, motorcycles or anything that goes fast really, and spending peaceful time with my family and friends. I love the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and just being apart of God's country. I love meeting new people and learning about their lives. I love to give back to my community and help develop youth. People that know me well will tell you that I have a big heart. I think that comes from my grandfather a.k.a my dad, who had the biggest heart in the world. My heart breaks for the lost, the broken, and the weak. All I want to do is help those in need. That's the whole purpose as to why Rugged exists.

Thank you for supporting us in this adventure. We cannot do it with out your loyal support and friendship. I love you all even if we have never met. I pray special blessings into your life and hope that our handcrafted, men's clothing, grooming products, or leather goods can bring light into your life in some small way