We pride ourselves on being one of the top Private Label labs in the country. We specialize in custom formulation. We are not a White Label company. We work together with you create a completely customized product. From beginning to end, you have a say in the packaging, label design, fragrance, and any special ingredient deemed stable. IE: your coffee beans, whisky, etc.

-We Specialize In-


  1. Small Batch
  2. Mass Production
  3. Custom Formulation
  4. Brand/Label Development
  5. Influencer Brands
  6. 3PL Services
  7. Display Design
  8. Product Knowledge Training with you and your team.

Here's how it works:

Over the last several years, The Rugged Company, has been at the forefront of private label production in personal care products for men and women. We walk you through the entire process from label design to finished product.

Who can participate in our Private Label Program?

  • Spas
  • Health food stores
  • Barbers/Salon owners
  • Business owners- Entrepreneurs, startups, existing business
  • Wellness centers, Chiropractors, alternative health care providers
  • E-commerce sellers

Phase 1: Order Samples – Samples are $35 and includes shipping!
You will choose your samples as well as a fragrance profile. Click HERE to order

Our program gives you a chance to private label your own skin care line with very small minimums and increase profits in the field of personal care.

Phase 2: Evaluate the products and choose which ones you want to add to your line.
We will send you samples from our in house line of products along with 5-6 fragrances that are in your desired scent profile.

Phase 3: Choose your fragrance, packaging, and Artwork

We offer suggestions based off your desired brand look. Premium packaging will incur a one time $50.00 stocking fee and may require a high minimum order level. To be discussed with our Director of Private Label Manufacturing.

We will create artwork for you based on our label templates, or we can send standard templates to you so that you can set up the labels on your own.

If we will be designing your artwork, you will work directly with our Art Director. Art fees do apply based off standard TRC Manufacturing Art/Design rates.

If you will be providing your own artwork our Arts Director will send you label dye lines and templates; this will include what must be included on the label per FDA guidelines. An important guideline for labeling requirements can be found here: FDA Cosmetic Labeling Guide

Phase 4: Place Opening order.
Once we have your specifics with packaging, scent profile, and label design, we will put together your opening order. Once invoice is paid and funds have cleared we will begin production on your line of products.

If you are looking to further your product offering or start your own product line, email us here! You can also click HERE to order your personalized sample kit.