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Get to Know the New Guy- Summer 2020 Intern Jake

Always an awkward question trying to explain “who you are” in such little context, but I’ll give it my best shot.My names Jacob Steiner, I am about to be a junior at Indiana University where I am attempting to get a degree in marketing and professional sales at the Kelley School of Business.I am the oldest of four kids, with three little sisters (I know right), and two amazing parents.I attended Fishers High School where I played football, rugby, and even threw track for a year.I came out of high school like every other senior ever; over confident and unaware of the real world outside of good ol’ Fishers, Indiana.I’ve learned an incredible amount about myself and about the world around me in the last two years, and even though they haven’t been the best of times, I’ve had a lot of fun and have learned more about myself than I thought possible in just two years.I’ve decided that my passion is people, and that I want to be communicating and building relationships until the day I die.That’s why I’ve decided to go into sales, and this internship here at Rugged is exactly what I was looking for.Corey is the perfect mentor for me to learn from and grow with, and I am so excited for what this summer and my future at this company holds.

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