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Santa’s Coming Kids Kit

Santa’s Coming Kids Kit

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Santa’s coming!!… and the kids stay up all night’ Help your little ones into a calming routine with this Bath Time gift set that is full of soothing Lavender! Take a bath with a Lavender Bath Bomb and Lavender Oatmeal & Shea Bar Soap. It will help keep the tears away and replenish the skin that dries out at recess in the cold. 

All dried off, lather on the Body Butter and Oil for a restful night of sleep. 

*Parent tip, apply oil to bottom of feet and wrists after little ones are ready to get in bed just before tucking under the blankets for the night. 


1- 4oz Body Butter- Coconut & Lavender 

1- 1oz Hair & Body Oil- Lavender 

1- 4.5oz Oatmeal & Shea Bar Soap- Coconut & Lavender 

1- 4.5oz Bath Bomb- Lavender 

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